Orwak has another crush on Geometry

Geometry is pleased to be once again working with Orwak Environmental Services Ltd, a market leader in commercial waste handling products and balers.

Orwak has been designing, innovating and manufacturing waste management products in Sweden since 1971, including balers, compactors and crushers that help businesses reduce waste and save money. Customers of Orwak notice savings on waste management of up to 50%.

Geometry has been engaged to manage market and customer communications for Orwak as the business acquires Easi Recycling of York. The joining of the two companies will result in an even stronger offer for both existing companies and the UK marketplace, as well as securing existing jobs and creating new openings.

Geometry previously worked with Orwak when the brand was part of the PHS Group, delivering brand raising communications that helped to cement the company’s reputation as a market leader. We achieved this through a range of news press releases announcing new products and contracts, as well as placing all-important articles on key industry issues.

For the January 2017 re-launch of Orwak into the UK, Geometry will create a strategic communications programme that will communicate to existing customers the benefits of the new partnership, as well as support the internal communications to staff of both brands. Following the initial launch activity Geometry will liaise with the company to plan subsequent activity to support product launches and further profile raising activity.


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